President: Daniele Parisi

The current president of RSG Belgium. Daniele is a PhD student researching drug-target interaction predictions @KU Leuven.

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Secretary: Sander Wuyts

PhD student computational microbiology at @UAntwerpen (Lab of @SarahLebeer) and @VUBrussel. Also, secretary @RSGBelgium, volleyball player, and snowboarder.

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Former president (2015-2016): Bart Cuypers

The former president of RSG Belgium and current RSG Vice-Chair Europe, Bart is a PhD student at the ADReM Data Lab @UAntwerpen and the Molecular Parasitology Unit in the Institute of Tropical Medicine. As a true Leishmaniac, Bart combines wet-lab expertise with computational -omics wizardry.

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Website coordinator: Pieter Moris

Pieter is a PhD student at the ADReM Data Lab @UAntwerpen whose research focuses on host-pathogen interactions and machine learning.

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