RSG Belgium is the Belgian branch of the ISCB Student Council’s Regional Student Groups.

Our mission

RSG Belgium wants to bring bioinformatics and computational biology students from different institutions together and offer them additional opportunities which can contribute to the development of their scientific career.

Our values

  • Stimulate interaction and co-operativity between the students of different research institutions
  • Bring students in contact with research happening at an international level to allow them to visualize their work in a much larger scope
  • Provide concrete examples of how their work might benefit the industry and

In this way, we aim to stimulate the startup of projects that cross the traditional boundaries of academic research.

Our events


Our yearly symposia allow young researchers to present their work, either as a talk or as a poster, and to connect with other researcher working in similar fields, but also getting a broad spectrum of ideas.


The hackathon is a one-day competition where bioinformaticians across Belgium join to tackle exciting challenges. Participants gather as teams and combine their skills to provide interesting solution to a small research problem. The best team wins the prize!


Less formal than the symposium, the beerformatics events offers short talks by inspiring people in biofinformatics. They are meant as cosy meetups to foster social networking around a nice drink.

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Reach out

If you are interested in joining our network or if you just want to stay up to date on the latest RSG Belgium news, please check out:

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!