ISCB Regional Student Group - Belgium

Mission Statement

The main mission of RSG Belgium is to bring bioinformatics students from different institutions together and offer them additional opportunities which can contribute to the development of their scientific career. Our primary goal in this is to stimulate interaction and co-operativity between the students of different research institutions. Furthermore we also bring students in contact with research happening at an international level to allow them to visualize their work in a much larger scope and with corporate world to provide concrete examples of how their work might benefit the industry. In this way, we aim to stimulate the start-up of projects that cross the traditional boundaries of academic research.

RSG Belgium Mailing List

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Hope to see you soon,
RSG Belgium committee



Bart Cuypers
University of Antwerp, Belgium


Sergio Pulido
KU Leuven, Belgium

Faculty Advisor

Yves Van de Peer
UGhent, Belgium